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Services We Offer



It is my desire to create the vision that each bride has regarding their wedding day!  I do this through intensive planning, coordinating and music.

This is not my job....IT IS MY PASSION!



The people who come to sing karaoke have a good time because they get to sing.  It is my job to ensure that EVERYONE else in the room has a good time!  Singing, joking, and dancing, we do it all!!!


Private Celebrations

I grew up dancing.  Nothing makes me happier than watching a toe tap or a head bob to music I am playing!  It is my passion to make people happy through music and laughter. 

Image by Kane Reinholdtsen

Corporate Events

After working for the company and bringing in the profits, there is nothing better than the administrators and the employees to build community amongst themselves outside of the workplace.  What better way to do that than through laughter and dancing.

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