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About the Lady Djs

About Me…


I have always had a passion for music and watching the mood of people change according to the music.  Having been financially strapped at points in my life, has given me a realistic understanding of what it means when couples explain that they are on a tight budget. As a single mother of two daughters I wouldn’t know where I would be without the grace of others. It is my turn to give back! Therefore I want to offer as many services for these couples as I possibly can at a more affordable price.  Just because there are financial constraints does not mean that these couples don’t deserve all the nuances that make their day so special and stress free.  


Our business…


My daughters have always shared my love for music and dancing.  Nothing makes me happier than doing what I love with my daughters right beside me. We have always been referred to as The Carter Women.  So becoming The Lady DJs was a natural progression.  Once I made the decision to move forward with our own DJ business our lives have done nothing but improve.  It gives me great joy and pride for my daughters and I to work together to make other people happy.  We are a huge part of one of the most important days of their lives and to do that successfully is the most fulfilling feeling!  On the karaoke side of the business, it is our pleasure to provide a fun outlet for people to express themselves and their talents.

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